Utilising the Airspace with Ceiling Fans

Back in my time, when you think of fans, KDK standing fans were the ones to come to mind. These days, there are many more brands for fans out there. There are a lot more fan types too: ceiling turbine, corner, bladeless and bladeless with air purifier. Not surprisingly, there’s even a bladeless ceiling fan now as well! Most of these also look really good.

What I have in my home are two designer ceiling fans and three corner ceiling fans from Decor Fan SEA. As a second-time homeowner with experience of using a ceiling fan in my first home, my expectations of these new ones were also higher.

I am currently residing in a 4-room HDB flat. Most of my walls were hacked to allow better air ventilation and to ‘expand’ my small unit…somewhat. The designer ceiling fans were installed in my dining and study, while the corner fans were each installed in my two bedrooms and the entertainment room.

Went for the design to fit my home

For the designer ceiling fans, there are three oak-styled blades fitted on the sturdy down rod in black-coated aluminium. Upon closer inspection, the grains look just like real wood, as what they call it: handcrafted light timber heartwood. It has a high strength to weight ratio and does not easily warp, splinter or split and has a very small shrinkage coefficient, which makes it a great alternative to real solid wood. Solid wood is definitely not possible for use as ceiling fan blades as it will be too heavy.

The black and oak colours contrast well with my home, which features a light colour scheme. This is true whether it is switched on or off. Most of my friends and families complimented the fans’ design and the fixtures are one of the first few items that get noticed when guests first stepped into my home.

Looks good, but better be good

You can give me the most modernised looking bladeless fan, but if the wind strength isn’t strong, then it will just be a white elephant. Thankfully this isn’t the case with my fans.

There are 6 wind speeds to select on the remote control. For fan speeds 1 and 2, I usually use it when my air conditioner is turned on. Turning the fan at a low speed with the air-conditioning will help to circulate the cool air around with a wider range, much better than using the air con’s own fan speed which is too strong and not as directional. For fan speed 3, I use it on normal cloudy days, with temperatures that are around 30-32 degrees Celcius.

On hotter days or when there are a lot more people in the living room, speed 6 works for me. I don’t use speeds 4 or 5 often as they feel similar to speed 6. As such, perhaps there isn’t a need for this wide range of wind speeds.

While I’m not making a big fuss about it, I do feel that the remote control can be simplified with fewer wind speeds.

The fan speeds are really good for my ceiling height, which is approximately 2.6m—higher than my previous home with a false ceiling drop down. The two ceiling fans perform better than my previous ceiling fan. Anything within 1.3m radius from the fans’ blades is still covered under the breeze. The breeze is sufficient for my dining and study area coverage.

Does having more blades mean a stronger circulation wind produced? I thought so initially. I am not going into the science of speed, velocity and time calculation because I’m just a regular homeowner, happy with my 3-blades fan. But here’s a simple logic to think about: having fewer blades will mean less drag and strain on the motor. So perhaps this allows it to go at a faster spinning rate at level 6, and with better wind chill effect? It also looks better with less blades, when stationary. Less blades also means a quieter operation. And of course, the main perk of having less blades is less cleaning!

It is all about maintenance

Have you ever used a tower fan and tried cleaning it? I had one and I threw it away after my third wash. Removing screws, taking out the blades, cleaning with the Magiclean wipes first, rinsing the blades with water, and then installing them back again. I hated that procedure. And if it is a fan which you will switch on for almost six hours daily, you will likely need to repeat that tedious procedure every one to two months. It would be easier to get the standard standing fan with blades, which are strong and relatively easy to clean.

So what made me choose ceiling fans for all my rooms? They don’t have the external metal casement and they are space saving. All I did for cleaning was to take a chair, climb up and wipe it with the Magiclean Wiper Dry Sheet and a damp cloth thereafter. It is just so easy and can be done almost any time of the day when the fan is not in use, or when I just have the mood to do it. These Decor Fans do not have hard to reach gaps, so cleaning is easy.

Too much of a ‘Final Destination’

I think most people have fears about ceiling fans dropping down while you’re asleep, or perhaps you think about tossing your child high up… and mishaps happen. These are actually two very possible scenarios, but for the first instance, I am pretty confident that reliable brands have a very sturdy down rod which makes this sort of accident unlikely to happen. Of course, what helps to upkeep your fan is your weekly cleaning and checking of the fans’ stability. As for the second scenario, I myself got my fingers struck by the corner ceiling fan while laying out my quilt. You just have to be consciously careful when raising your arms high.

Just for reference: I am 1.83m

Could have been better, but not a deal-breaker

I am glad to have chosen the fans by Decor Fan for the quality in wind strength and design. But here are some areas that could have been better. The remote control could have been better made. The buttons should be lit upon pressed, and there should also be an indication of the current speed either on the control or on the fan itself. But at least there is a beeping sound when pressed, because speeds 4 to 6 can feel quite similar.

There are a few functions found on the remote like the ceiling light function, which my model doesn’t have it, so this mean it is a universal remote. Then there is also the reverse circulation button, which won’t be much use in our hot and humid weather too. And ahhh, the timer, which is another function I personally don’t use often even for my air conditioners. Like, who needs to put a pause on keeping the house cool?

The small corner ceiling fans in my two bedrooms were great in keeping the room cool throughout the night without being too noisy. But for the one in my entertainment room, there seems to be some alignment issues whereby the fan gets stuck in the turn back around. And the remote control beeping sound isn’t constant as well. Perhaps it is a lemon unit.


ceiling fans

The fans from Decor Fan SEA performed exceptionally when they came to the main task of cooling. Additionally, the aesthetics were also very well received by my friends and families, and with other available colours to choose from, I am sure you will find one that matches any of your chosen interior design theme. The only thing I could ask for is a better remote control. Thankfully from my last enquiry with them, they have a new 2021 remote controller which you can opt for which comes with a smart-ready system which may be comparable with your smart home system. A mobile app is also on the way by end this year.

For homeowners who are interested, do remember to key in discount code ‘RENONATION10′ to entitle to a 10% off storewide discount on www.decorfansea.com.sg. This code is valid for 2 months, till 30 June 2021.

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