May 2021 BTO Garden Bloom @ Tengah Unit Analysis

The May 2021 sales exercise saw another BTO launched in Tengah. Garden Bloom @ Tengah sits within the Garden district, one of the five districts in this new town. We checked out the site and nearby amenities and looked at the best units to pick if you decide to go for a flat here.

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map garden bloom @ tengah

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Overview of all the Tengah BTOs launched so far, with Garden Bloom @ Tengah the latest one released in the May 2021 launch.

Total no. of blocks


Highest floor

15 storeys high

Total no. of units


Type of units

2-, 4 and 5-room flats

Estimated Completion Date

3rd quarter of 2025


Bounded by Tengah Central and Tengah Garden Walk

Nearest amenities

Nearest MRT: Hong Kah, located on the Jurong Region Line. Target completion for the station: 2027 under Phase 1. Approximately 400 metres away from the centre of the site, which is an estimated 4 mins walk.

There are also two proposed bus stops at the south-west and southern most of the site.

For now, the nearest amenities are located at adjacent Garden Vines BTO, which houses a supermarket and eating house. Walk down a little further and there will be a neighbourhood centre located at Plantation Village BTO. The neighbourhood centre is approximately 700 metres away, and will take you less than 10 mins to reach by foot.

What factors to consider when choosing a unit at Garden Bloom @ Tengah?

1. Noise from MRT tracks

As the Jurong Region Line (JRL) is an aboveground MRT station, you will likely be affected by the noise from the MRT tracks if your stack is located too close. These stacks are potentially affected by the neighbouring MRT tracks:

241A: 300, 302, 312
243B: 374, 376, 378
244A: 384, 386, 394, 396
244B: 400, 402, 404, 406

2. Proximity to Hong Kah station versus the neighbourhood centre

Blocks 243A and 243B are the best blocks to go for if you want to be located at the nearest MRT station at Hong Kah. Trains travelling from Choa Chu Kang station will be able to go directly to Hong Kah station.

However, if you wish to be located nearer to Tengah Plantation MRT which is also next to the neighbourhood centre at Plantation Village BTO, choose a stack at blocks 241A and 241B. Note that if you are travelling by train from Choa Chu Kang station, you will need to change to an eastbound train at Tengah station before you can reach Tengah Plantation MRT.

3. Privacy

If you don’t want your neighbours looking in your flat when they walk by, pick a corner unit that is away from the lifts and the rubbish chutes. These are the best stacks to consider:

241A: 300, 302, 312
241B: 314, 316, 322
241C: 330, 332, 342
243A: 348, 358
243B: 364, 374
244A: 384, 386, 396
244B: 402, 408, 410

4. Peace and quiet

Stacks that are facing or located close to fitness corners, playgrounds, pavilions, the car park, drop-off points, childcare centre and other amenities are zones where people congregate. Noise levels at these zones are expected to be higher. Avoid these stacks if you don’t want to be disturbed by these.

If you are home during most part of the day, you may also wish to avoid getting a stack facing the school. Consider also noise from traffic or the MRT tracks.

These are the best stacks to consider for those wanting peace and quiet:

241B: 314, 324, 326
241C: 328, 330, 332, 334, 336, 342
243A: 344, 346, 356, 358

5. Potential unblocked views

Based on the surrounding buildings and what can be determined as of now, here are the stacks that possess the potential of having unblocked views:

241A: 300+, 302*, 304*, 312+
243B: 360^, 378^, 380^, 382^
244A: 384+, 394+, 396+
244B: 398^, 400^, 404+, 406+

*Above the 7th floor

+Above the 2nd floor

^Above the 8th floor

Additional note: As most schools aren’t built very tall, you may wish to opt for a higher-floor stack facing the school.

Other considerations:

All the stacks here are likely to get some of the afternoon sun, which comes in two directions in Singapore: the northwest direction from March to September and the southwest direction from September to March. There are a few stacks however that may get a twinge bit of respite because of neighbouring blocks providing some shade: 344, 328, 360#, 362# 398#.Drivers, blocks 243B and 244B have the easiest and most direct access to the multi-storey car park on Garden Bloom @ Tengah.If the bus is your preferred mode of transport, you may wish to opt for a stack at blocks 241B, 243A and 243B.

#7th floor and below

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