Breathe Easy and Stay Healthy with Electrolux Smart Air Purifier Pure A9

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Why is having pure and clean air very important?

Due to the COVID pandemic, we are spending more time than ever indoors. When the air is tainted by indoor pollutants, it can do more harm to our bodies than the outdoor pollutants. Furthermore its effects are insidious, since certain health effects are not immediately noticeable, until decades later. Hence, having a good air purifier can help to safeguard our health.

Tip: Here are 9 things you need to know about air purifiers, before getting one.

What you need to know about Electrolux

We have 2 air purifiers at home and they have been instrumental in helping us to tide over the Southeast Asian haze crisis in the past decade. Therefore, when we are given the chance to test the next generation, smart air purifier by Electrolux, we literally leapt at the opportunity. For the uninitiated, Electrolux is a Swedish multinational home appliance manufacturer, founded 1919 in Sweden by the entrepreneur, Axel Wenner-Gren. Electrolux is headquartered in Stockholm and its product design and development is heavily based on the Scandinavian design philosophy, “Thoughtful Design”.

How Electrolux Pure A9 PA91-606DG is different from other air purifiers?

#1. First impression – Sleek, modern minimalistic design


Image from Electrolux Singapore

The first impression of the Electrolux Pure A9 PA91-606DG does not disappoint. The first thing we noticed is its compact tower design. Tower designs are especially friendly for space challenged homes since they are compact, and take up minimal footprint. In addition, they are also very portable.

Tip: Opt for the door delivery when you order the Electrolux Pure A9 PA91-606DG. As its box measures 83 cm by 38 cm by 38 cm, it is not really convenient for you to bring it home on your own, even if you drive.

The Scandinavian design philosophy, “Thoughtful Design” is truly evident in this product; on its own, one will never have guessed that the Pure A9 is an air purifier! We have seen so many air purifiers in the past, and almost all look very industrial and unappealing. Unsurprisingly, these will be strategically tucked and hidden away from prying eyes when they are not in use. However, Pure A9 marks a significant departure from the traditional air purifier design. Sleek and modern, the lower half of the air purifier is wrapped with the perforated metal sheet. As for the upper half, it is partially covered with fabric. Therefore, the Pure A9 looks more like a piece of furniture, than a boring, industrial looking home appliance!

In addition, the honeycomb like design panels on top, seem to replicate a jet engine turbine. Furthermore, the coasters and leather like handles make the 8.9 kg air purifier, which measures 75 cm (H)  by 31.5 cm (W) by 31,5 cm (D), very portable and a breeze to move about!

#2. Next generation, smart air purification

No doubt the Pure A9 purifier makes an unforgettable grand entry, with a such a fantastic futuristic looking design. Nevertheless we wondered, whether the Pure A9 performs as well as it looks. One thing we learnt is that the Pure A9 constantly monitors the air quality in the background, and intelligently responds to changes in the quality of the air intuitively. This is made possible with the Pure Sense system, which automatically adjusts the air purification rate.

#3. Air quality feedback right at your fingertips

The Pure A9 also has an accompanying mobile application, Electrolux Wellbeing (available in Google Play or Apple App Store), which provides instant, real-time insight for the indoor air quality. Aside from monitoring, the mobile application is also a perfect air quality assistant since you can optimize the Pure A9 remotely and adjust your preferences on the fly!

Tip: The Pure A9 features a cool, unique LED light ring in the middle of the honeycomb like design panels. This ring provides real, live feedback on the quality of the air. The blue indicator means that the air quality is good, green indicator shows that the air quality is average. You need to pay extra attention when the indicator turns orange (poor air quality) and red (very poor air quality)! Furthermore, you can check out the level of the indoor Total Volatile Organic compounds (TVOC) from the mobile application too.

#4. Maintenance made easier with filter life indicator

The lifespan of the air filter can be found in the mobile application and on the Pure A9. In this way, you can keep track of its lifespan easily and know when it needs to be changed at a glance.

Tip: The filter change indicator will light up when it needs attention. If the Pure A9 is used around 12 hours daily, the filter needs to be changed at least once annually.

#5. Tailor fit to your lifestyle

Different task schedules can be setup so that the Pure A9 can acclimate into your lifestyle more seamlessly. For instance, you can set the fan speed to be slower during the night, and faster during the day time. These task schedules will be listed in the mobile application once they have been set.

Tip: There are 2 main types of task schedules: Smart mode or Manual mode. Choose the Manual mode if you wish to determine the fan speed, and Smart mode if you want the fan speed to be automatically adjusted based on the quality of the air. To enjoy clean and good quality indoor air, you can consider to preset the Pure A9, to switch on automatically around 1 hour before you reach home from work.

#6. Safe and child safe

If you have young kids at home, fret not! There is a child lock feature which can be activated, by either long press the On/Off and Mode button or through the mobile application. Once the Child lock indicator is lit, any instructions sent through the control panel are ignored.

4 additional things you need to know about the Electrolux Pure A9

#1. Provides 5 stages of air purification

The Pure A9 filter is equipped with pre-charged ultrafine filtrations which are effective for almost 99.5% of 0.3 micron particles. The 5 layers of air purification includes the pre-filter, antibacterial layer, pre-charged True HEPA 13 filter, ionizer filter and activated carbon for maximum air filtration needs. The High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA)  is a high-density filter to remove fine particle contaminants from the air.  The ionizer removes the contaminants, and the virus in the room through the use of charged ions, and the carbon filtration makes use of carbon panels to absorb fumes and odors from the air.

Image from Electrolux Singapore

#2. Effective up to room size of 88m2

The unique Air Surround system, which is designed for a powerful, smooth circulation of the indoor air, ensures that the purified air reaches all 4 corners of the room.

#3. Extremely quiet operation

The Pure A9 runs so silently (with a barely noticeable humming sound) that we hardly notice that it is operating! Generally, the more powerful the air purifier, the louder is the fan, but the Pure A9 is surprisingly exceptionally quiet. This is due to the pentagon shaped body, which is riddled with high density 2mm air holes, that makes air purification highly efficient, even at a lower speed.

#4. Cost of the air filter

The air filter has to be changed, at least once a year, at the cost of $299 a piece. The frequency of the filter change depends on the usage frequency of the Pure A9.



Putting Electrolux Pure A9 to the Test

#1. Ease of setting up? Yes!

Unboxing the air purifier is very straight forward and fast. The package comes equipped with the remote control and a user manual, and the air purifier is easily setup within minutes!

Using the Electrolux Wellbeing mobile application is also a breeze. All you need to do is to link the Pure A9 up with your WiFi-network, prior pairing it with the mobile application. You need to create an account before you can use the application. After signing in, the step by step instruction is very clear and straight forward.



Assign a name to the Pure A9 first. Once you have successfully enrolled the air purifier, you will be presented with a dashboard, which shows the indoor and outdoor air quality. The settings for the Smart mode, the ionizer and the child lock, can also be easily accessed through this dashboard.



The task scheduler is very handy for you to tailor the air purifier according to the air quality data and your lifestyle’s needs. You should analyze the average air indoor air quality data over a time period, prior creating multiple task schedules, for the most optimal performance and seasonal air purification needs.

#2. Ease of operation? Yup!

The Pure A9 is operated through a small touch panel on the top of the device. The touch screen interface is extremely intuitive and easy to understand, with only 2 buttons available; the on/off switch and a mode change, which toggles between the “Smart” and “Manual” mode. The same applies to the remote control too!

#3. Ease of moving about? You bet!

Weighing at 8.9kg, the Pure A9 is not exactly light and this might pose a problem for us since we have an elderly at home. Fortunately, the Pure A9 is equipped with five 360 degree rotatable coaster wheels, which makes it very nimble since it can maneuver in any direction with a slight push.

#4. Removal of fumes & improve air quality? Resounding yes!

With 5 layers of air purification, the Pure A9 is able to remove odors and air contaminants effortlessly. Since there is no ongoing Southeast Asian haze crisis at the time of the review, we are unable to test the air filtration capability of the Pure A9. Nevertheless, we have decided to perform a simple verification at home. For this test, we have moved the Pure A9 nearer to the kitchen, where mum does her heavy cooking. True enough, the Pure A9 picks up the drop in the air quality almost instantly, and is able to effectively improve the air quality within minutes.

To recap, a blue indicator means that the air quality is good, a green indicator shows that the air quality is average, an orange indicator  for poor air quality and red for very poor air quality. When mum starts frying, the Pure A9 is able to detect that the air quality has degraded and the light indicator turns red (readings of over 56) within minutes. However, by the time we have grabbed our handphones to record the footage, the light indicator has already turned orange (48). In fact, the Pure A9 is able to rapidly restore the air quality to good (blue indicator) within 2-3 minutes!

#5. Quiet operation? Affirmative!

The Pure A9 is designed to run with a minimum, hardly noticeable noise level. Even at maximum speed, the noise level is minimal. Since the Pure A9 automatically adjusts the fan speed based on the quality of the air, the louder the air purifier, the harder it is working to cleanse the air. Based on our experience, a 50 percent increase in volume is observed when it is working hard to remove the nasty the kitchen fumes, and the Pure A9 dials down its fan speed as soon as the air quality is under control.


6 Handy tips to use the Electrolux Pure A9 more effectively

#1. Check the airflow

To know whether if the purifier is working fine, the easiest way is to check the airflow. The air purifier operates by drawing in the surrounding air, sanitizes the sucked in air, before releasing the clean air back into the atmosphere. Therefore, if no air is released, the air purifier is not working properly. In addition, pay attention to the fan, which is drawing and releasing the air. If the fan does not run, check the air intake door and/or the filter. The air intake door has to be closed and the filter has to be installed correctly before the fan can operate.

#2. Place in the middle of the room

Wherever possible, position the Pure A9 in the middle of the room, so that it can draw in the surrounding air for purification more effectively.

#3. Use in an enclosed room

The Pure A9 works best in an enclosed room where the doors, windows and balcony doors are closed.

#4. Ensure that the air quality sensor is unblocked

The air quality sensor should not be obstructed, otherwise, it will not give accurate readings for the air quality. Therefore, the Pure A9 should be placed in a location where there are no obstructions.

#5. Clean the air quality sensor regularly

Keep the air quality sensor in tip-top condition, by vacuuming it at least once a month. With an accurate air quality reading, the Pure A9 will be able to work more efficiently.

#6. Make sure that there is 30 cm of clearance air gap around

If there are obstacles blocking the Pure A9 air in take, it will be very noisy. Therefore, you need to ensure that there is a minimum of 30 cm of clearance around the Pure A9 for optimal operation.


Bottom line?

The Electrolux Pure A9 is a sleek, designer looking purifier that blends into any modern interiors flawlessly. Aside from looking good, the Pure A9 filtration performs extremely well too! Furthermore, it has a reasonably large room coverage for most Singaporean HDB flats and Condominiums. With the ability to setup multiple task schedules, the Pure A9 is able to fit your lifestyle more seamlessly.

However, if we are to nick pick, we are unable to tag the air quality data based on specific locations (i.e. living room and bedroom). This extra piece of functionality might help us tailor the task schedulers more precisely, to keep our home interiors healthy and clean.

Furthermore, some might feel that the Pure A9 is slightly expensive. However, with an exceptional, impressive attention to its intuitive design, smart WiFi connectivity, mobile application support, intelligent real time air monitoring system, set-and-forget task schedulers to match the hectic lifestyle, we feel that its slightly heftier price tag is a small price to pay.

Find out more about Electrolux air purifiers here.

Get yours at Shopee Electrolux official store here or at the Lazada Electrolux official store here.

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