8 Reasons Why You Should Get A Dishwasher

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A dishwasher used to be a luxury appliance, and is more commonly found in restaurants and hotels than domestic homes. However, with the advancement of technology, the dishwasher of today has eventually become indispensable and a staple appliance in any modern kitchen. Although, it is still not as prevalent as washing machines, its popularity is slowly but surely catching up. In fact here are 8 reasons why you should consider getting a dishwasher in your kitchen.

#1. Saves up to 20% of water and electricity

There is a common misconception that a dishwasher consumes a lot of water and electricity. In fact, studies have shown that automatic dishwashers used lesser water than handwashing with soap and water. In addition, dishwashers have proven to be among the most efficient appliances to own. Recently, PUB has even also included dishwashers in its Water Efficiency Labelling Scheme (WELS).

Tip: Use the economy or Eco programme as much as possible to save up to 20% of energy  and wait until your dishwasher is full before turning it on.

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#2. Frees up precious time for other household chores

The most attractive part of owning a dishwasher is that you can free up time to attend to other household chores and family activities. In addition, some dishwashers come with the express wash mode, which completes a wash cycle within half an hour, as compared to the full wash mode, that clocks 2 hours per wash cycle. With such a handy home appliance, you have 1 less chore to worry and this makes home cooking more enjoyable. Furthermore, you do not need for the dishes to dry after wash.

Tip: To use the express wash mode with heavily soiled dishes, the wipe the dirty dishes with the kitchen towel first before loading them into the dishwasher.


#3. Multi-functional and space-saving; washes, sanitises, dries and stores

Aside from washing, most dishwashers come with other modes, such as the sanitise, air or heat dry function. For the sanitize mode, hot water of up to 70 degrees Celsius is used to kill germs. This is definitely a useful feature to ensure that your dishes are germ-free when someone is sick at home, or to sanitise the baby feeling bottles. During the drying mode, air heated elements or pumps push room-temperature air through the dishwasher, to ensure the dishes are evenly dried after the wash.

Tip: To conserve electricity, you should crack the dishwasher door open as soon as the wash cycle is complete. Leave the dried dishes in the dishwasher so that you need not worry about cluttering the kitchen counter top.

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#4. More hygienic since kitchen sponge is not used

As the kitchen sponge comes into direct contact with grime and dirt daily, it is the No. 1 source of germs in the house and harbours zillions of microbes.  This is because kitchen sponge pores trap moisture and thus makes it a splendid place for germs to multiply and thrive. Furthermore, cross-contamination occurs when the germ-infected sponges are used to wipe other dishes. Furthermore, using a dishwasher is more hygienic since it sanitises the dishes as it washes.

Tip: Crack the dishwasher door open when it is not in use helps to prevent moisture from being trapped in the dishwasher. This helps to keep the dishwasher dry and mould from building up.

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#5. Available at a variety of prices to suit your budget

Unlike the washing machine, the dishwasher is available at a wide range of price points, that can be as cheap as $300, and as expensive as $4000! Hence, if you are on a tight budget or would like to try out a no frills dishwasher before committing to a full-sized model, you should consider trying out the compact kitchen countertop dishwasher first.

Tip:iPrice.sg is an online aggregator which simplifies your shopping experience by making it convenient for you to browse and compare the prices of the appliances from the various online stores.

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#6. Comes in a variety of designs to suit all types of kitchen

There are 6 types of dishwasher designs to suit all types of kitchen; the portable model for compact kitchen countertop. There is the semi or fully integrated type to blend with the kitchen cabinet design for a seamless look, the under the sink, built-in dishwasher for saving counter space, the free-standing models with wheels that can also double up as a kitchen work surface and lastly, the drawer design for homeowners with flexible needs.

Tip: Not sure which model to get? Check out the 8 Best Dishwashers in Singapore For Fast and Efficient Washing

#7. Ease of maintenance with minimal effort

The dishwasher needs to be cleaned thoroughly every once in a while to keep it smelling fresh and prolong its lifespan. The goal is to remove grime, grease and food debris that have gotten stuck in the dishwasher. The maintenance routine, which takes around 1 hour, can be done once a month to keep the dishwasher in tip-top condition.

Tip: To minimise the grease and food debris from building up, wipe the dirty dishes with the kitchen towel first before loading them into the dishwasher

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#8. An ideal kitchen companion when you host gatherings

A dishwasher comes in handy in maintaining a clean and clutter-free kitchen while you are hosting a gathering or a party. The dishwasher can ensure that there is a consistent flow of clean dishes and cutlery throughout the event. Even if your guests offer to wash up, all they need to do is to chunk the soiled dishes and cutlery into the dishwasher. Hence, you can focus on cooking and entertaining your guests without worrying about cleaning up after the party ends.

Tip: Discuss with your renovation professional to know which type of dishwasher suits your lifestyle and the kitchen.  Find out more about the dishwasher with our stress-free guide to getting a dishwasher.

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