8 Multipurpose Living Room Ideas to Maximise Square Feet

A shortage of space doesn’t mean you have to settle for less. By making your space multipurpose, you get to maximise whatever available area you do have. One of the possible areas of the home to do so? The living room.

It typically takes up a large part of your home, and in Singapore, it usually embodies just a single function—a gathering place for watching the television. To help you maximise your square feet, here are a few ideas to show you how to convert that living room into a multipurpose space beyond the purpose of TV-watching.

1. Living Room + Sneaker Vault

Sneakerheads, heads up. Show off your shoe collection in an LED-lit, glass encased shoe vault to rival real-life crazy rich Asian Kane Lim. Beyond the serious sneaker envy, we love how this shoe display sits like a feature piece and focal point in this living room.

shoe cabinet in living room

Design: Absolook Interior Design

2. Living Room + Dressing Room

No space in the bedroom for a dedicated vanity station? How about setting aside some space in the living room for one, complete with Hollywood style mirror lights. We love the idea of having it concealable behind a couple of pocket doors when not in use to keep the living room as clutter-free as possible.

Design: Design Chapterz

3. Living Room + Entertaining Room

For the host with the most, consider designing a multipurpose living room made for entertaining by going with a flexible setup and plenty of seating room.

Here, built-in seating was installed along most of the living room’s perimeter—curved for a better visual flow. The rest of the furniture is kept variable, so that things can be moved around whenever needed.

Design: Metre Architects

4. Living Room + Pop-up Dining

Formal dining areas can take up a lot of space and they don’t get used ever so often, so it makes sense in a small home to have them hidden. In this apartment, the 4-seater dining set can be completely stowed away in the living room’s feature wall. When it comes to dinnertime, the dining table can be pulled out, with the coffee table serving as dining chairs.

Design: Mr Shopper Studio

5. Living room + Guest Room

With no space for a guest room, a Murphy bed was embedded into the built-in storage in the living room so that the space can be converted into an extra bedroom for overnight visitors. When there are no guests staying over, the extra bed can be stowed away so that it doesn’t get in the way.

Design: Habit

6. Living Room + Home Bar

Great evenings are spent sitting back on the couch, relaxing with a glass of wine in hand. So make things extra convenient by having your entire home bar right within your living room space. Love the customised slots for storing wine bottles horizontally. This actually keeps bottles with corks moist, preventing wines from oxidising and going bad.

Design: The Local Inn.terior

7. Living Room + Cosy Corner

In this 3-room bachelor’s flat, part of the living room was raised up on a platform as a cosy corner, replete with beanbags and cushioned seating. Embedded within the platform is a hidden table that can be popped up for use during teatime.

Design: Dots N Tots

8. Living Room + Home Office

With working from home becoming the norm, it’s definitely a good idea to set up a comfortable space for working at home. Share your workstation with the living room and visually demarcate both spaces using paint, which doesn’t take up extra space.

Design: Salt Studio

What other possibilities can a living room be also used for? Share with us in the comments below.

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