7 Things To Be Aware Of When Replacing a Damaged Kitchen Sink Cabinet

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#1. Kitchen sink cabinet design limits the replacement options

The way the kitchen sink cabinet is designed will affect your replacement options. For instance, if the damaged kitchen sink cabinet is already part of the entire kitchen countertop cabinet design, the kitchen sink cabinet must be reconstructed. Although this approach is more time consuming and expensive, since the cabinet laminate and measurements have to be customized to be the same as the original, you have the flexibility in choosing better material such as marine plywood for the reconstruction. However, if the kitchen sink cabinet is a standalone design, it can be easily replaced the other commercial off the shelf options at a cheaper price.

What does this mean to you?
Discuss with your interior design professionals on whether the kitchen design for the sink area can be designed as a stand alone design. In this way, the replacement for future sink cabinet will be much easier.

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#2. Material used affect the durability of the kitchen sink cabinet

The average lifespan of a kitchen sink cabinet is around 15 to 2o years, when it is taken care properly. However, most kitchen sink cabinet last less than 5 years due to lack of maintenance or neglect. The secret to a lasting sink cabinet is to ensure that the material used are durable and that care is taken to replace the old sink sealant removal every 2 years. The most common material which is can make up the caulk that seals your sink is either the latex and silicone. Once the sink seal is compromised, water seeps into the wood and over time, the cabinet will be waterlogged and deteriorate rapidly.

What does this mean to you?
Choose the kitchen sink counter top and the material used for the cabinet with utmost care. An integrated kitchen countertop with sink countertop is recommended if you do not have the bandwidth to replace the sink sealant every 2 years. Pick a 304 stainless steel kitchen cabinet over a wooden cabinet if you do not want to risk having a water logged cabinet after years of usage. Make sure that you choose marine plywood if you wish to use a wooden cabinet.

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#3. Kitchen sink and tap can be reused

If your kitchen sink cabinet is damaged, you do not have to replace the kitchen sink and the tap if they are still in a very good condition. Reusing the kitchen sink and tap is more environmentally friendly and will help you save a significant amount of cost too.

What does this mean to you?
Inform the carpenter who is reconstructing the kitchen sink cabinet, or the vendor who is supplying the off the shelf kitchen sink cabinet, if you intend to reuse the kitchen sink and tap.

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#4. Kitchen sink cabinet measurements must be accurate

Replacing a damaged sink cabinet means that you have to ensure that the replacement cabinet should fit into the existing kitchen countertop cabinet. Incorrect measurements will mean that you risk having an unsightly gap between the existing kitchen countertop and the replacement cabinet. Aside from the width, height and breath of the kitchen cabinet, you might need to take the existing measurements of the kitchen sink and tap if you wish to reuse them.

What does this mean to you?
The cabinet measurements will serve as a guide for the budgetary quotation. The carpenter will take the measurements to ensure that they are accurate before they proceed with the carpentry works.

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#5.  Fixtures around and behind the kitchen sink cabinet matters

The location of the fixtures, such as the water pipes and rubbish chute behind the kitchen sink cabinet affects the construction of the replacement kitchen sink cabinet. Hence, sufficient clearance space needs to be set aside for the replacement kitchen sink cabinet.

What does this mean to you?
Note down the locations and measurements of the fixtures around and behind the kitchen sink cabinet. Ensure that these fixtures will not obstruct the replacement kitchen sink cabinet. Ensure that the location of the vertical and horizontal shelf will not obstruct the access to the rubbish chute or the water pipes.

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#6. Sink drainage pipe should be replaced

The standard sink drainage pipe provided by the HDB or the Condominium is usually made of plastic, which will disintegrate over time. You should consider overhauling the plastic sink drainage pipe with a stainless steel version when you are replacing the kitchen sink cabinet.

What does this mean to you?
Inform your vendor beforehand, if you wish the get the plastic sink drainage pipe to be replaced.

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#7. Dismantle and disposal of kitchen sink cabinet is not free

Prior the installation of the replacement kitchen sink cabinet, the existing cabinet has to be dismantled before it can be disposed. The charges usually range from $100 to $150 for the dismantle and disposal.

What does this mean to you?
The town council provides free bulky items removal service and each residential household is only allowed to utilize this service once per month. Upon confirmation of appointment, you are required to leave the dismantled kitchen sink cabinet along the corridor, just outside their units for removal.

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Case study – replacing a damaged wooden kitchen sink cabinet

Kindly note that this is not a sponsored post.

Due to years of neglect, the wooden kitchen sink cabinet of the elderly owner has deteriorated badly. The sides of the wooden cabinet have rotten due to the moisture, and as a result, the cabinet has lost its structure and started to collapse sideways.

After considering the lifestyle, durability and budget constraints, a standalone, standard off the shelf stainless steel kitchen sink cabinet is most suitable for the owner. However, the greatest challenge is to ensure that the rubbish chute is accessible due to the design constraints of the stainless steel kitchen sink cabinet.

Fortunately, the Living Solution supplies good quality stainless steel kitchen sink at a very reasonable price. It also offers customized options for customers looking for a perfect fit. Furthermore, the Living Solution is also a one-stop supply and install store for customers looking for good quality kitchen cabinets.

The scope of work requested from the Living Solution includes dismantle, supply, install of the kitchen sink integrated cabinet and modification of the back of the cabinet, to provide access to the rubbish chute.

Within minutes, the damaged kitchen cabinet was swiftly dismantled and removed. Furthermore, the team has also cut a large C shaped hole at the back of the stainless steel cabinet, so that the rubbish chute can be easily accessed. During the kitchen cabinet overhaul, the worn out plastic sink drainage pipe was also replaced with a stainless steel version.

To conclude, the replacement of the kitchen sink cabinet was swiftly completed by the experienced team in less than 2 hours. Since in depth discussion was held with Living Solution prior the appointment, the team did not encounter any unexpected issue during the installation.

Lastly, the following 1 min time lapse video illustrates the entire installation process.

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