29 Black Bedroom Decor Ideas

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Your bedroom is where you wake up to start your day, and later on, sleep to end your day. What you see and feel inside this space affects how you take on your tasks for the rest of the day and how you will loosen up and unwind at night. Therefore, of the different rooms in your home, the bedroom is probably one of the most significant.

You have many shades or colors to choose from when decorating your bedroom. The color you choose may be for your paint, decorations, and adornments. Interior designers, feng shui experts, or friends may influence your decisions. You can also fill your room with shades that you appreciate based on your taste. For a few, that is adhering to a striking, intense shade of black. If you are one of these few people, then these 29 black bedroom ideas may help you.



Thompson Custom Homes

Gorgeous black and grey bedroom with lots of natural light coming from the huge window.



Tamara Magel Studio

One of the most stunning black and white bedroom ideas we have seen!



HSH Interiors

A black bedroom doesn’t need to be boring. Just bring in some color accents!



Laura S. Wilson Photography

Black full bedroom sets stand out when you put other hues and elements.



Mark A Silva, Architect

Keep it interesting with the addition of sleek furniture and decor.



ndrea Schumacher Interiors

Who said that a black room must be masculine? Just look at this one!


TA.LE Architects

We love the custom headboard, combined with installed lights, for a dramatic effect.


MySmallSpace UK

Amazing subtle mural for the walls and a few touches of pink make our hearts melt.



Interiors by Maite Granda

Black white and gold bedroom for the comfiest sleep ever!



Bernardo Pozas Residential Design

Have a relaxing and peaceful night with this lovely bedroom.

How To Decorate A Black Bedroom

In fashion, black also represents class, elegance, wealth, and sophistication. That is why black outfits are often worn during fancy events. Black may be intimidating for some. A person may find someone wearing black hard to approach. On the other hand, a person wearing black may find security and protection because some people are intimidated by the color of his clothes as if the color acts as a shield.

For bedrooms, not everyone may find black appealing. It is because the color black is often associated with sadness or gloom, if not with evil or dirty actions. However, that should not be the case. A black bedroom can have as much excitement and life as bedrooms in bright colors, as long as it has the right furnishings and accents.

Black is a color that would benefit any room. Whether you use black just as an accent or the central theme of your room, black can offer a modern, refreshing, and stylish look. Some people avoid dark hues like black as they believe that it causes a place to feel tight and small. They may be correct, but only if decorating is not done correctly. You can go with an almost all-black room and still make it feel airy, or you can start with a small hint of black until you are more comfortable with adding more of it. Whatever you feel like doing, these tips will undoubtedly motivate you to have the color black in your bedroom.



Breeze Giannasio Interiors

A comfortable and snug bedroom that is perfect for sharing with your loved one.



llison Lind Interiors

Red black and white bedroom for the most charming effect.



Grace Blu Interior Design

Black wood panels offer character to this bright and airy bedroom.



Ezra Lee Design+Build

This black and gold bedroom provides a wonderful view and a relaxing space.

Black-Painted Bedroom

When talking about room color, paintwork is the main topic. The color of the paint you choose will dictate the mood of the room, especially when used on walls. If you are still not convinced to paint your room black, you can try it first on one side of your bedroom and see how you will like it. If you think that it is for you, then you can gradually cover more parts of your room with black paint.

It used to be that people frown upon black-painted bedrooms, but that is no longer the case. We can see more and more people going beyond the safe colors and have solid black as their wall shade. For your room to avoid looking like a cavern for having black walls, contrast it with furniture in other colors. Imagine a white headboard against a wall, for example. You will ultimately feel the power of the shade black with this setup. Another setup that will provide this effect is having a white ceiling with your black wall. More black and white bedroom ideas will be discussed later.

However, if you are bold and daring, go full blast and paint your ceiling black as well to deliver a sense of boundlessness, much like gazing toward the sky at night. For the conservative, incorporate a liberal aiding of white or other lights shade in the room. You can also limit the black to one side of the walls only.



Timber Trails Development Company

A black and white bedroom is sure to offer you tranquility and peace.



Kerry Vasquez Design

Fun and exciting decor seal the deal for this minimalist bedroom.



Living Stone Design + Build

We love the textures on the walls and ceilings.



Vianney home decor

Make your black wall exciting with the addition of bold and big decors.



B Interior

This black white and gold bedroom looks elegant and lovely.



bda Custom Window Fashions

The black wall, with artwork and light fixtures, becomes the focal point of the room.

Black Furniture

Before decorating a bedroom with black, you might want to know what the meaning of the color.

In psychology, one who likes black is said to be serious, often finding it hard to let go and enjoy. He is also said to be independent, seldom asking for help from others. At the same time, a person who likes black exudes confidence, strength, and power, which are important qualities in doing tasks at hand.

Utilize black furniture if you want the color to be a significant player in your room but you think that it is overpowering when the color is on floors, walls, or ceilings. Black bedroom furniture works, given that you choose the correct style. When thinking of black bedrooms, start with furniture. To make the most excellent impression, have black as the color of the most prominent fixture in the room – the bed. Imagine an upholstered bed with a tufted headboard in dark velvet. Elegant, right?

Another option is to go with a bed with black metal frames. Regardless of whether the frame has a matte or lustrous finish, it will be exciting to see the outcome of what you are attempting to accomplish. Accentuate your bed with white or light sheets to avoid an excessively substantial gloomy feeling.

Black bedside tables function admirably as well. Pick one with metal or gold accents if your intention is for them to stick out. For your chairs and storage, you can have as many black items that you like but spread it across the room to create an appealing visual. Black bedroom furniture can fit perfectly well in your theme as long as they are in the proper places.



J & V Painting

Black wall panels with an interesting set of furniture and decor.


cocoon home design

Red and black bedroom set for a welcoming and comfortable bedroom.



Kraft Custom Construction

A pop of color will definitely go a long way. Just like in this room.



Michelle Dirkse Interior Design

This traditional bedroom evokes class and sophistication in all its details.

Black Bedroom Accessories

Another way to incorporate the color black in your bedroom is through accessories. Some of the accessories you can have in black are flower vases, bookends, clocks, photo frames, jewelry boxes, and mirrors with black edges. An accessory you can also have in black is your bedside lamp. Top off a bedside table with a lamp with a black base, and, for the shade, have one with black patterns.

White bed sheets are an excellent contrast to a black bed, but you can also dive deeper into the dark side with black bedclothes or bed linens and even blankets. A black bed paired with black bedding makes a very bold statement. Whether they would be in the same shade of black or not will depend on your taste. Aside from the color of the bedding, another thing that will play a big part in achieving great aesthetics is the material used. Imagine silk pillowcases on cotton comforters, both black but different materials. Will it look good or not?

To accessorize your floor, avoid black carpets except if you are up for a lot of vacuuming. What would work better are rugs. However, rugs would be hard to clean, too, if they are entirely black. An option is to blend in different hues and to pick those with design with varying shades of black, geometric shapes, flowers, or different patterns. Too much black could also make the room excessively bland. As to the best spot to place the rug, it should flawlessly frame your bed, which, after all, should be the room’s central focus.


Rachel Loewen Photography

Go home to a wonderful and relaxing retreat with this lovely bedroom.


Scott Felder Homes – San Antonio & Austin

Fall in love with these gorgeous black curtains for bedroom.


Judith Balis Interiors

Look at that jaw-dropping ceiling! It is magnificent!



Coombs Design

The decor and patterns show the character and personality of the bedroom owner.

Using Other Colors With Black

A black-themed bedroom does not mean that black has to be the dominant color. It could just be the accent of your color theme, but it could still provide a classy, chic, and fresh appeal to your bedroom. A room, for example, may have bright turquoise as its primary color, but by putting black light fixture, black chairs, and black bedside table, it can have that genuinely majestic vibe.

If you would still prefer having black as the main color, the only problem perhaps would be the room looking boring. To avoid this, use bright colors as accents, like a pink bedside table lamp on top of a charcoal table, or a yellow rug partially covered by your black bed. Accentuate your black room further with metallic accessories for more glam.

A quite popular bedroom theme is black-and-white. However, black and white bedroom ideas can go from simple and chic to overpowering and upsetting without much of a stretch. Therefore, you should carefully have the right mix and match of black and white in any bedroom instead of just putting everything in there. For instance, tone down an all-black bed with white or gray bed sheets and white pillows. You can likewise contrast the black bed with a white side table or white light fixture. For walls, alternate the two colors to have a refreshing monochromatic appeal, accentuating it with wood to look warmer.

Final Tips

In interior design, colors have significant effects. Black may be tricky to play with as the color of your bedroom. Too much of it can make the room intimidating. At the same time, black may also give a bedroom a sophisticated appeal. When you get it right, the outcome is sure to look marvelous. Be sure to consider how much of it you will use in your paintwork, furniture, and accessories. A dark bedroom can also have calming effects, making you relax and sleep better at night, which can give you the energy you need the following day, so go and have your black bedroom.

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